Kit Requirements

Updated: 17 October 2023

All athletes will require the full kit which is specified below on a squad-by-squad basis.

Please note
: in accordance with the suppliers agreement no other items of customised club
clothing may be worn at any swimming competitions or club events.
Uniform orders will be placed on our suppliers site. Club caps will be placed through the club.
Please send your order to using the order form.
The club keeps a small surplus of essential stock but not complete sets in all sizes. Therefore, we
will attempt to fulfil your order immediately with what we have and place the balance on back

  • Sizes
    We cannot be responsible for sizing problems once kit arrives; a sizing chart is included on the
    order sheet to guide you. We will however carry a small range of garments in some sizes and if we
    can help of course, we will.
  • Poolside T- Shirts
    For athletes who compete, essentially all swimmers 9 years old or over, a Hounslow Jets
    poolside T Shirt is required. This is because it is club custom to wear Hounslow Jets club kit at
    competitions to represent the club and borough.
    Some senior athletes attending county, regional or national events may choose to order more
    than one set of T Shirts.
  • Travel T – Shirts
    Travel T Shirts are to be worn travelling to and from competitions and at training camps as the T
    Shirts on poolside become wet.
  • Naming
    Absolutely no customising of kit is allowed. Should the club decide to customise any kit, we will
    make arrangements to do so and notify members accordingly.
  • Volunteer Kit
    Staff, Volunteer and committee kit is available to purchase on your ESS Uniform Ordering page.
  • Swim Caps / Race Caps
    Training caps are either the Flat Silicone or Moulded Silicone. We don’t mind which one you
    chose as long as it’s the correct colour and quantity for your group as per below. Performance
    Caps are for the performance groups only and 3D Bullet (Race) Caps for races only.
    Please note that there are two variants to the ARENA RACE
    CAP; ‘3D Race’ will suit athletes with shorter hair whilst ‘3D Soft’
    will accommodate longer hair. Race caps are not generally recommended for younger swimmers
    and are an incredibly tight fit.

You may have your name printed on your caps, please indicate if you would like this on the order

Opt – Optional

ReQC – Required if swimmer competes in lower groups

*1 pair of racing goggles is advised